Benefits of cold in winter

Many people prefer coolness to warmth. But what are the advantages of cold especially in winter time? We will all know that together.

Reducing the temperature and losing weight and its medical services

We live in heated apartments and offices, but at home, 18°C is enough, and the cold promotes weight loss. Follow us right here! To keep our body warm at 37°C, we burn more calories and our body mechanically draws on fat reserves. It is advisable to favour essential fatty acids (found in oily fish) and omega-3 supplements. Sleep in a room without heating and reduce the overall temperature of the house. Therefore, sleeping in an unheated room lowers the overall temperature of your home. Note that from an aesthetic point of view, the cold also helps fight cellulite.f

Cold helps athletes and improves your tone

The analgesic effect of cold has been known since at least 400 BC. Physical therapists use cold spray to relieve sprains, strains, muscle and joint pain. Ice packs relieve pain, reduce swelling and bleeding and have the advantage of being inexpensive. It also comes in the form of a cream, which is easy to apply and the athlete does not risk allergies. When the temperature gets close to zero, blood circulation increases, which is always good for our venous system! This is why you can run, walk, bike or swim in the cold: your body reacts better to temperature changes and has more endurance. 

Cold weather boosts morale

The benefits of cold weather extend to mood, as low temperatures have been shown to reduce stress, fatigue and negative mood. Finnish scientists recommend cold water baths (but of course, avoid them if you're not used to them). Ice baths are a real panacea for feeling better and releasing energy. Intense exercise can be a wonderful antidepressant. But be careful, you have to be in excellent physical condition to undergo heat shock.