Different types of alarm security

Robbery risks increase every day. To protect your family, it is important to watch over what is going on around you. Choosing a home security system is the best option. Discover different types of home security and choose the one that will be good for you.

Monitored security system

The monitored security system is the type of security homes you will quickly find in the markets. When there is a housebreaking, even a fire, this system alerts a security team, a call center, etc. If you choose this type of security system, there are two options: self-monitored system or company monitored system. With the first one, you have the control of the system. This means that you can monitor your home security yourself from wherever you are. Actually, with most of the monitored security systems, you have the possibility to receive messages, notifications on your mobile phones. With the second opinion, your security system is controlled by professionals organizations.

Unmonitored security system

It is a system which consists of smoke detectors, control panel, windows sensor, etc. With the unmonitored security system, you can also receive notifications, messages, by connecting your mobile phone to the system. The security system can be installed by a professional or yourself.

Wireless security alarm

As indicated by the term wireless system'' this system functions without wiring. But despite the fact that it does not need wire, the system functions as wired systems. The system works in accordance with three steps. Firstly, the system detects if there are any suspect changes in your system status. In case of robbery, the robber when opening your door, the system will detect him. Then the second step is to alert the homeowner of the intrusion through sirens alarm systems etc. In the last step, your system must be connected to a monitoring service. The monitoring service will receive an alert and call the emergency for you.

Wired home security system

With this system, the components are connected to a control panel with wire. The wired home security system is more safe than wireless one. This is explained by the fact that the principal panel always knows the real status of all the system devices.