Egypt: a good destination for tourism

If you love adventure, discovery, history, Egypt is the good destination for you. This country known for its beautiful buildings is very famous in the field of tourism. If you want to visit this country, discover monuments that you should not neglect.

The great pyramids.

When you hear about Egypt, the first image you have in mind is the pyramids. Pyramids are one of the things that makes Egypt so famous. The oldest pyramid of Egypt is the great pyramid of Khufu. This pyramid has been built during 30 years. They have used over 2.3 million blocks of stone for the building. The great pyramid of Khufu was considered to be the tallest building in the world even until the beginning of the twentieth century. If you go to Egypt without visiting this monument, your trip is not complete. Another pyramid to visit is the pyramid of Giza, it is also famous, and it attires many visitors.

The Valley of the Kings tombs

The Valley of the kings tombs is found in Luxor. It is also an important monument to visit if you wish to learn a lot about the history of Egypt. Another important thing that makes Egypt so famous is its Pharaohs. The valley is a place where Ancient Egypt Pharaohs was buried. You will find there about 62 tombs of the most famous Pharaohs. The Valley of the Kings tombs is decorated in accordance with Egyptian mythology and myths. Visit this monument will help you learn more about funerary rituals and beliefs of Ancient Egypt.

The valley of the Queens.

If you have visited the valley of the Kings, you should also visit the Queens one. This Valley is found in the West of Luxor. It is the place where Ancient Egypt Queens and their children were buried. The most famous tomb that visitors usually want to see is the tomb of queen Nefratari. The visit can cost $100 per person.