How to choose your watch box ?

If you’re a fan of pretty watches, one of your battles is keeping them in top condition. Whether it is to keep them all their shine, or to resell them. The solution is to find suitable watch boxes to find out in this article.

Selection criteria for a watch box

The main criterion for choosing your watch case is its size. The number of watches you can store in it depends on the size of your collection, and the next purchases you plan to make. Then you have to choose your watch box according to your movement. It’s best to have two if you don’t stay in one for more than two weeks. Finally, take into account the particular details of the box. You may find models with a glass top, which allows you to see your models stored inside. While windows are better and stronger, glass ones are more refined and add a more luxurious touch. If you desire to watch box for men Click here.

Box types necessary to know

Among the types of box is the wooden box which is the most common material in the use of watch boxes. Depending on its nature, it can either be cheap or of high quality and give a very special touch to your box. Then the leather boxes. They can be designed in either real leather or faux leather and add an elegant touch to your box. Also, cardboard boxes. If you prefer a box that is very simple and uncluttered, a cardboard model is ideal. Contrary to popular belief, cardboard is not necessarily a non-luxurious and fragile material, it all depends on its composition. Finally, the aluminum boxes. They are relatively expensive, but give a very elegant and modern style. Some boxes are even designed in the shape of a mini-suitcase and are made to facilitate the transport of their contents. There are usually foam compartments inside that will protect your watches.