How to obtain a Kbis extract?

The Kbis extract is an important document for any company manager or individual entrepreneur. This document is the proof of the registration of your company at the RCS and of its existence in the eyes of the law. Find out in the rest of this article how to get your Kbis extract.

Why obtain its Kbis extract?

The Kbis extract is an essential and legal document. It attests to the legal existence of your company and its energy in the RCS. The extrait kbis is generally required in the administrative and financial steps that involve the company. For example, to create a bank account or change the status of your company, the Kbis extract is an essential document. However, all businesses and companies that carry out commercial activities are obliged to obtain the Kbis extract. In the case of a sole proprietorship, an individual entrepreneur, we speak of a Kbis extract. But when it comes to legal entities and commercial companies, it is called a Kbis extract. The request for the Kbis extract can be made free of charge by the business owner online or by any other member of the company at the commercial court.

How to obtain the Kbis extract?

To apply for the Kbis extract, there are two solutions available to you. You can either make the request online or at the commercial court. The head of the company or any other person with his permission can request the extract online. All you have to do is to go to the website and fill in the various information required to obtain the Kbis extract by mail. The platform is also a site where only the director of the company can obtain the Kbis extract for free. You can also request the Kbis extract by e-mail addressed to the clerk of the commercial court. Once the extract is ready, you will receive an email. You can also go directly to the commercial court near you. You will only have to provide all the information constituting your company and it's done.