How to prevent yourself from Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Be sexually active to expose you to some risk of disease when you are careful. Let's discover some ways to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Use condoms during sexual intercourse.

The condom is the best contraceptive for you in case of preventing a sexual transmitted disease. The condom is a flexible sleeve made of latex. It stops the transmission of sexual fluids during a sexual intercourse between two persons. There are two types of condom. There is a type of condom for women that means that the condom is worn by the woman. The second type of condom is worn by men. In both cases, the condom should be wearing during the entire sex act. If you want to use lubricant, you must take a lubricant which is based on water. Wear the condom is not enough to avoid the sexual transmitted disease. What makes the condom effective is when it is well-worn, otherwise the sexual fluid's transmission will occur. It is better to use a condom, because if you are not sure that your partner has the disease, it will protect you.

Control your health status

If you don't want to use a condom, but you are sexually active, you should be careful about your health and your partner's health. You must avoid having sexual intercourses with anyone who has sexually transmitted diseases symptoms as genital sores, rash, discharge etc. It is also advised to do a test at the hospital regularly. But if you are sure that you and your partner only have sexual intercourses with each other, and you have been tested negative at least since 6 months, it is more safe.

Avoid to share toilets stuffs

You must avoid sharing your towels or underclothing with other persons. The most important thing is to avoid sharing an object that can cut. To avoid all kind of disease, it is important to have a good lifestyle.