How to store bacon grease ?

Bacon fat is an oil that is still useful for cooking certain dishes. For most people who still use it, it is delicious fat, because it contains meat atoms. So it can be used. However, some people eat bacon fat without preserving it first, which is very bad for their health.

Why preserve bacon fat ?

The big question is why bacon fat needs to be preserved. Without the techniques of proper preservation, the fat can coagulate when exposed to the air. This is not at all hygienic and can lead to many unsuspected ailments. Therefore, it is necessary to think about storing it according to good hygiene methods before consumption. For this fact, you should go to this site to learn more about the conditions of conservation of bacon grease to be reused.

Tricks to preserve bacon fat

In the past, fat was used to preserve food. Air cannot penetrate a food to later decompose it as well as the light acting on the food promotes its rotting in a short time. Bacon is already a preserved meat and is maintained with the fat that contains it. This explains why bacon, at a given temperature and protected from light, does not rot as quickly as simple meat. The fat should be similarly protected in a dark jar or in a dark space. Then it should be covered tightly. This way, neither air nor light can reach the fat and decompose it. However, it is necessary to purify the oil from all the food particles that can create a germ of deterioration. To be sure of its perfect conservation, the container containing the fat must remain in the refrigerator with a low temperature to cool it. Once the bacon fat is kept safe, it can be used again.