Installing a mirror in a bathroom: how to do it effectively?

A flat contains several rooms, including the bathroom, which is the most important room in a house. It is the room in which daily personal hygiene operations are carried out. In order to better assist people in their daily body care, it is often recommended to equip the bathroom with a mirror. In order to take advantage of the benefits of a mirror in a bathroom, it must first be installed efficiently. 

Preparing the site

In order to install a mirror in a bathroom, it is important to gather the parts that will allow the installation to be done properly. You can click here to investigate the installation of a mirror in a bathroom. First of all, you have to choose the mirror you want to have in your bathroom. In fact, there are a variety of mirrors with different shapes and sizes on the market. So, you should choose the mirror that suits you according to the size of the bathroom and your taste. 

Next, you need to choose the mirror fixings. These include wall hooks, adhesive brackets, mounting rails and mounting brackets. Once you have chosen a suitable mounting, you need to find a place for the mirror. The mirror must be placed in a place where everyone can look at themselves. It is recommended that the mirror is separated from the sink by a distance of about 20 cm. In addition, you will need certain working tools such as a screwdriver, hammer, measuring tape and levelling pencil. Stripping pliers and protective masks are also essential tools for installing the mirror.

Fixing the wall brackets

The actual installation of a mirror begins with the fixing of the wall brackets. If the mirror to be installed is illuminated, it is ideal to secure the relevant power line with a circuit breaker. This is necessary, as contact with water can lead to accidental electrocution. The holes to be marked in the wall must be in the right position, as the mirror must be centred in relation to the washbasin.

Placing the mirror

The last step in installing the mirror is to place it on the previously fixed brackets. Then the screws must be tightened so that the mirror can be held securely. As explained earlier, if the mirror is illuminated, make sure that the power is switched off before placing the mirror. This is to avoid the risk of electrocution and to ensure that the mirror is properly installed.