Taxes: Generalities in France

 When you are new to France, the tax system will be very strange and unfamiliar. But you don't have to worry. All you need is some advice and recommendations. These tips and recommendations will help you to understand quickly. You will then quickly understand and not miss the deadlines so that you do not have to pay the penalties. Read the following lines and you will have everything you need to quickly understand the essentials of the tax system in France. 

Taxes for those newly resident in France 

In France, tax is charged on household income rather than being normally levied individually. This forces many couples who have married to provide a paperwork attesting to the declaration of their income. When the couple does not live together it is a different matter. See find out to familiarise yourself with the rules. When a couple lives separately, each of them must give a declaration to show their income separately. This is because both partners can administer their assets separately through a settlement. 

 What are the different types of tax households in France? 

There are several forms of tax couple. We have: Firstly, couples who are married with children or outright childless. This can be their own children or outright care of another person. Such households are obliged to provide a joint income declaration. There are also couples who are married and have signed a document allowing them to give away their property separately. As mentioned above, such a couple must file separate returns when they are not living together.