What are the steps to follow to change the kitchen tap in a mobile home?

With the advent of mobile homes, the installation of rigid plastic fittings has become more common. When used as a kitchen tap, these plastic materials are not immune to cracking or damage. That's why it's a great help to look into how to repair or simply change them.

Removing the old tap

To remove the old tap from the mobile home, you simply need to start by unscrewing the fixing nuts and the water pipe nuts. Then you will only have to separate the control stem from the bung. The correct tool for unscrewing the screw that connects it to the ball joint is a screwdriver. When you have finished separating the stem from the control, you will remove the fibre seals and proceed to clean the tap area. After that, you check the plumbing to see if you need to make any adjustments to the water lines during installation. That said, check thisblog for more tips.

Get a replacement kit

Having a replacement kit is quite important when using mobile home taps. However, if you don't have a replacement kit, you can go and get one from a DIY shop. You should carry the kit with you, already disassembled, to avoid any confusion. Also, it would be a good idea to have the seals analysed in a plumbing shop to see if they are usable or not. Ideally, you should buy another identical one to replace what will be used if necessary.

Reassemble the new kitchen faucet

This is the last step. To be able to do this successfully you need to connect the water pipes to the new tap. If there are any adjustments, you will need to make them. This will require you to use push-on fittings. These fittings are easy to assemble and fit different types of pipes. However, in case everything is perfect and you do not need any adjustments, you only need to tighten the water pipes.