What are the uses of timelapse for the construction site ?

Timelapse is a tool widely used on construction sites and in the field of construction. There are many uses and vocations for a timelapse video and we have selected several of the most common in the construction world to share with you.

Following the progress and evolution of work

Timelapse is a tracking technique regularly used on construction and demolition sites. Thanks to a camera that takes pictures at regular intervals, it is possible to see the progress, evolutions, changes, or the work needed and done for each stage of the construction site. If you want to know why choose a time-lapse camera, find out her response here.

Capture a memory and convert it into a communication tool

Timelapse also allows you to capture and relive the ephemeral, what has passed and will be no more. This captured memory can then be used as a communication tool to demonstrate a unique construction skill (for example). As for example the incredible construction of the sculpture made by the visual artist Gerry Judah for Mazda in 2015 during the Goodwood Festival of Speed and visible only during the event: a sculpture of 120 tons for 40 meters high.

Revealing the invisible and animating memories

How to relive 7 shows over 8 days with assembly and disassembly of the various stages in just 1 min 30? In timelapse of course! To promote the setting up of a festival or simply live and animate memories, the timelapse technique reveals what is impossible to see with the naked eye at a given moment. New perspectives of past events are thus revealed through time lapse.

Integrate different shooting techniques to create dynamic videos

For large BTP sites, using different photo and video techniques is ideal. It is interesting to integrate drone videos, 360° videos and timelapse videos together in order to live and relive the construction site from different angles in a global way or on the contrary in a very detailed way. This allows to obtain dynamic and captivating videos that we want to watch.